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Welcome to CFAW's Volunteer Opportunities. This is where you can view current volunteer opportunities and see if there is something that fits your interests, expertise, and schedule. Here you will find short-term opportunities as well as CFAW's one-year term committee positions. You must be a current CFAW member to be a volunteer.

The Process is Easy!

First, peruse the list of positions in the "Current Volunteer Opportunities" list below. When you are ready to volunteer, complete and submit an Expression of Interest form which is also found in the Volunteer drop-down menu of the website. 


Opportunities will be posted throughout the year, so check back often to learn about new volunteer opportunities!

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Event Operations (No limit on community members)

  • Event Operations is a volunteer community of current members who have expressed an interest in helping to support CFAW's programs and events. These are short-term volunteer opportunities as they are specific to an individual program or event, typically an hour or two. Examples of activities include greeting and/or directing attendees, staffing the registration table, bag stuffing, etc. As these opportunities arise, they will be outlined and emailed to all members of this group throughout the program year. Volunteers will then be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

External Relations Committee

  • Committee Member (15 positions)

    Committee members attend quarterly meetings. Committee members should have an interest in community outreach to local universities and employers, and educating the community on the value of the CFA charter and CFAW. Members will be responsible for idea generation and aid in creating 3-4 goals for the committee to accomplish on an annual basis. The member should assist in progressing at least 1 of the annual goals toward completion. Committee members should plan to attend a minimum of four (4) in-person committee meetings throughout the program year.

Member Engagement Committee

  • Member Organized Events Team Lead (1 position)

    The Member Organized Events Team Lead coordinates efforts among all Member Organized Team Volunteers. The Team Lead identifies which efforts are generating enough interest from CFAW members and works with the team to try new ideas, expand on what works, and ensures that diverse interests among CFAW are served by Member Organized Events.

  • Member Organized Events Team Volunteers (10 positions)
    Team Volunteers assist the Member Organized Events Team Lead in generating new program ideas, creating and hosting events, and reporting back to the team on the outcome of their events. Volunteers are needed for a variety of programs including (but not limited to) Happy Hours, Books and Banter Series, CFA Exam Study Groups, Golf, Running, Tennis, and Volunteer Events.
  • Social Media Team Lead (1 position)
    The Social Media Team Lead will direct all social media initiatives, mapping out strategy and implementation. The social media team will coordinate efforts with CFAW staff to ensure efforts are in sync. This position will lead a team of up to three volunteers and delegate responsibilities as appropriate.
  • Social Media Team Volunteers (3 positions)
    The Social Media Team Volunteers work under the guidance of the Social Media Team Lead to post content to CFAW social media platforms which include LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • "Find a Career Mentor" Series Lead (1 position)
    The Find a Career Mentor Series Lead will organize monthly events where CFAW members and student-candidates can learn from industry leaders, discuss their area of interest, and feature a different CFA Candidate Body of Knowledge (e.g., Economics, Equity, Fixed Income, etc). The Lead will identify industry individuals who are interested in mentoring  (formally or informally) up-and-coming professionals.
  • Securities Selection Contest Lead (1 position)
    The Securities Selection Contest Lead organizes the annual CFAW Securities Selection Contest. Activities include accepting entries, tracking performance, and analyzing results.

Programs & Education Committee

  • Mock Exam Proctors (6-8 positions)
    These positions are needed to staff 6-8, four hour proctor sessions, usually on two consecutive Saturdays, either 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 P.M. or 1:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. The Kaplan/Schweser Mock Exams are usually in mid-November (2 proctor slots) and mid-May (2-4 proctor slots) each year. The CFA Society Boston Mock Exam is usually offered in mid-May (2 proctor slots) each year.  Proctors should be a CFA charterholder and will register candidates as they arrive, pass out exams and generally keep the atmosphere as close to real test conditions as possible. Mock Examinations are usually held at local universities. Volunteers can take anywhere from 1-4 slots.  Total time commitment is 5 hours per slot.
  • Sub-Committee Leads (3 positions)
    The Program & Education Committee requires Sub-Committee Leads for the following topics:
    1. Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) Sub-Committee Lead (1 position
    2. Alternative Investments Sub-Committee Lead (1 position)
      - Alternative investments are defined as private equity, real estate, commodities and hedge funds
    3. Career Development Sub-Committee Lead (1 position)

The Sub-Committee Leads must be CFA Charter holders and are expected to serve on the Program & Education Committee as a whole, which will provide guidance and coordination on the major events such as the Annual Dinner, Mock Exams, Economic Global Outlook, Asset Allocation Panel, and Annual Meeting. The Sub-Committee Leads will be responsible for organizing 1-2 events per program year on their topic to meet the needs of CFAW members with the same interests, as well as attending 3-5 Program & Education Committee meetings. The Sub-Committee Lead will also be responsible for scheduling periodic meetings on an as needed basis with their sub-committee volunteers to ensure that the 1-2 events under their purview go smoothly. The total time commitment is 3 hours per month or approximately 36 hours per year.

  • Sub-Committee Volunteers (12 positions)
    Each of the current sub-committees require up to 4 Sub-Committee Volunteers.
    1. Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) Sub-Committee Volunteer (4 positions)
    2. Alternative Investments Sub-Committee Volunteer (4 positions) 
      - Alternative investments are defined as private equity, real estate, commodities and hedge funds
    3. Career Development Sub-Committee Volunteer (4 positions)

Sub-Committee Volunteers do not need to be CFA Charter holders. Volunteers assist the Sub-Committee Lead in coordinating and getting speakers, possibly serving as moderators for panel discussions, and making sure the sub-committee generates 1-2 events per year that meet the needs of CFAW members. The total time commitment ranges from 4 – 20 hours per year.