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 Volunteering at CFAW

Whether you choose to get involved to gain leadership opportunities, build your resume, increase your organization's exposure in the investment industry, or give back to the profession, you'll find a meaningful way to participate in the CFAW community.

Volunteer with a CFAW committee, or assist with specific opportunities on a project-to-project basis. You must be a current CFAW member to volunteer.

Short-term Commitments

If you want to experience what it's like to volunteer for CFAW before making a longer-term commitment to a leadership group, you can start by volunteering for individual projects through CFAW's Event Operations group or other short-term opportunities posted in the Volunteer section of the CFAW website throughout the year.

Volunteer Leadership

When you're ready to take your participation to the next level, consider volunteering for one of CFAW's volunteer committees. The CFAW Board appoints Committee Chairs and the Chairs appoint committee volunteers. All committee positions are one-year terms and are renewable, contingent on your participation and the needs of the committee. All committees require attendance at three to four face-to-face meetings per term.

 CFAW Committees

CFAW's volunteer committees are listed below. Enrollments are taken annually through a Call for Volunteers process in April and May. Once you select a volunteer opportunity, you then submit an Expression of Interest form. All forms will be reviewed by CFAW volunteer leadership and you will be notified of the outcome in June.

Event Operations. Event Operations is a volunteer community of current members who have expressed an interest in helping to support CFAW's programs and events. These volunteer opportunities are short-term commitments and specific to an individual program or event, so the time commitment is typically one to hours per event.

External Relations Committee. The External Relations Committee performs outreach to the community, employers, regulators, nonprofits and universities to raise awareness of the substance and value of the CFA charter. It supports CFA Institute advocacy efforts locally and assists with other external focused activities such as media and sponsor relations.

Member Engagement Committee. The Member Engagement Committee focuses on member recruitment, engagement, and retention. It also evaluates the overall member experience. The committee uses social media to communicate about CFAW and also to organize networking events and informal member-organized gatherings.

​Programs & Education Committee. The Programs & Education Committee helps members enhance their investment knowledge, professional practices, career development and professional networks. The committee plans and executes approximately 3-4 programs per month that provide opportunities for networking, professional education, career development and/or technical training. Committee members recruit thought leaders and prominent practitioners as speakers, and create and deliver events of interest to members. The committee also organizes CFA exam prep resources for local candidates and oversees the awarding of scholarships.

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