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CFA Institute & Society Membership Options

Regular Membership

Regular membership is for CFA Charterholders or CFA Program candidates. Regular members must 1) hold a bachelor's degree or have equivalent education/work experience, 2) have a passing score for the Level I CFA exam, CIPM Program Level II exam, or the self-administered Stands of Practice exam, 3) at least 4,000 hours of relevant experience, completed in a minimum of 36 months and 4) have 2 or 3 professional references. Regular members may apply for society membership through the CFA Institute website. Please select CFA Society Baltimore as your local society.

 Apply for Regular Membership here.

Affiliate Membership  (CFA Charter not required)

Industry professionals who do not intend to participate in the CFA Program or who have not yet met the requirements for regular membership may apply for Affiliate Membership. Please select  Society Baltimore as your local society.

 Apply for Affiliate Membership here.

CFA Baltimore Local Membership Options

Professional Membership (CFA Charter not required)

A Professional Membership is designated for individuals interested in developing or maintaining their knowledge of the financial services industry and/or networking with our community. Professional members are not required to become members of the CFA Institute nor are they expected to pursue a CFA Charter. All professional members must agree to uphold the CFA Institute Code of Ethics.

Apply for Professional Membership here. 

Student Membership (CFA Charter not required)

University students interested in learning more about the financial services profession are encouraged to join CFA Society Baltimore at the rate of $50 per year. Students are not required to pursue a CFA Charter and are entitled to discounted rates at many CFA Society Baltimore events. Students must agree to the CFA Institute Code of Ethics

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Annual Dues

CFA Society Baltimore annual dues are $95 for regular, affiliate, and professional members. Student membership is $50 per year. CFA Society Baltimore does not prorate dues. CFA Institute membership fees are separate. CFA Institute and Member Society dues are billed and collected annually from July 1 through June 30.  Member Society dues vary and are non-transferable.