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Give back to the profession, network with other members, refine your skills, and, in many cases, earn Professional Learning credits. 

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Initiatives & Volunteer Opportunities

One of the best ways to optimize your membership with CFA Society Hartford is to ​volunteer. Volunteering heightens your visibility and puts you in contact with other professionals in the industry. There are many levels of volunteer activity, so take your time evaluating how you would like to get involved and then get started by choosing an initiative below:

CFA Society Hartford Initiatives

Education & CFA Institute Research Challenge

The CFA Institute Research Challenge requires a large number of Volunteers. Volunteer needs include the following:

  • Industry Mentors: The primary responsibility of the Industry Mentor is to impart a “real-world” industry perspective into the students’ theoretical knowledge base. Each Industry Mentor will review an assigned team’s written work and presentation and provide commentary. Industry Mentors should have at least five years of experience in a position focusing on company analysis and CFA Charterholders are preferred. It is not necessary to have experience in a specific sector. The allowed time commitment under the competition rules is a maximum of six hours including any phone calls, emails, in-person meetings, and any additional contact. An additional two hours is allowed for each local, regional or global final.
  • Report Graders: The Report Graders work remotely by reviewing the reports submitted by the student teams. The reports are reviewed and scored by the Graders according to a predetermined point system and Graders also provide written feedback. Graders should have at least five years of experience preparing or reading equity research along with a strong understanding of the financial markets and investment process. CFA Charterholders are preferred. The total expected time commitment is approximately eight to sixteen hours in early to mid-February.
  • Presentation Judges: Judges view the student presentations. In this role, they wear the cap of a buy-side analyst or a Director of Research listening to and critiquing a member of his/her team. Judges should have at least five years of experience preparing or reading equity research along with a strong understanding of the financial markets and investment process. CFA Charterholders are preferred. The time commitment will be for two to three hours on the day of the local final competition.

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Classroom Presentations - Volunteers are needed to make presentations and connect with professors 

Career Panels - Volunteers are needed to help coordinate the events and serve on the panels.

University Outreach - Liaison with local universities to inform students about CFA Designation, assist universities in incorporating CFA charter into their curriculum, create study groups for CFA exams

Annual Forecast Dinner

Each year the CFA Society Hartford holds a Forecast Dinner at the Connecticut Convention Center.  The event includes a reception with exhibitor area, a seated dinner, President’s address, Keynote speaker and awards.  The event is sponsored by local firms.

Volunteer Needs:

  • Sponsorship Committee: This committee develops a sponsor plan that sets levels of sponsorship and related benefits, targets and reaches out to prospective sponsors
  • Forecast Dinner Committee: This includes all aspects of planning this event. The contract is always set the previous year when feedback is fresh so the new volunteer has a foundation on which to build. Activities are shown below:
    • Liaison with venue: technology vendor contract and venue contract management
    • Choose attendee gift
    • Determine Forecast Contest winners
    • Speaker Handlers

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The goal is to better integrate the CFA Society Hartford into the greater Hartford financial and business community establishing CFA Society Hartford as a leader promoting ethical behavior and best business practices in finance.

Volunteer Needs:

  • Investor's First - Research and utilize available CFAI support and materials 
  • Greater Hartford Leadership Academy
  • Identify and connect with other local organizations that have a similar mission to the CFA Society Hartford. (Our mission is to lead the financial services industry in Hartford.) Develop business ties with other organizations within the Greater Hartford Region. The potential ties may be for programming, promotion, cross-membership opportunities or anything mutually beneficial for our memberships.
  • Identify local nonprofit organizations that may benefit from the resources available to the CFA Society Hartford

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Financial Literacy Education​

The CFA Society Hartford provides financial literacy education within local schools in classes K -12.  Volunteers go into classrooms and present financial literacy education materials (provided in partnership with Junior Achievement).  Each assignment will typically involve five classroom sessions of about 45 minutes each (one per week).  Volunteers can work individually or in teams.

  • Volunteers go into classrooms and present financial literacy education materials (provided in partnership with Junior Achievement) for classes K-12. Each assignment will typically involve five classroom sessions of about 45 minutes each (one per week). Volunteers can work individually or in teams. Timing is flexible and sessions can be carried out throughout the school year.
  •  The committee works with the Junior Achievement and other non-profit organizations group to bring financial literacy volunteers to Hartford region schools through volunteer involvement.
  • Volunteers must attend a training session at the Junior Achievement offices in Hartford. This will likely take place on a weekend this fall.
  • Volunteers must be comfortable presenting lessons to and interacting with school age children.
  • Volunteers will need to spend time familiarizing themselves with the education materials prior to going into the classroom. They should plan on 45 minutes of prep time per session.
  • Volunteers should be able to commit to approximately five straight weeks of going into classrooms. Total time commitment (including prep time) will be approximately 1 ½ hours / week plus travel time. Alternatively, a team of volunteers may split responsibilities amongst several members thereby reducing the time commitment for individuals

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Get Involved 

CFA Society Hartford is looking for members with a passion for giving back to the investment industry and local community. Based on our Society initiatives, learn more about the available volunteer opportunities, more information about each committee, and information on how to apply. Help mold and shape your Society by volunteering today!




Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee coordinates local advocacy outreach efforts and is the primary communications point for CFA Institute advocacy initiatives − ethics, standards, and policy issues. A primary role for the position is to organize and lead a local Advocacy Committee in the planning and implementation of local advocacy activities potentially to include Industry/Investor Outreach, and Regulatory Policy and Research. This committee reaches out to the business community to seek sponsorships for the year and for specific events. This committee also works with other local Societies on a collaborative basis to speak harmoniously.

  • Promotes the CFA charter, CFA Society Hartford
  • Builds relationships with employers and organizations within the society’s region.
  • Advocacy events and activities:
    • Annual Forecast Dinner 2019
    • Asset Manager Code
    • Financial Literacy
    • Investor’s First Program
    • Spring Board Scholarship
    • Greater Hartford Leadership Academy

Employer & Organization Outreach
The goal is to better integrate the CFA Society Hartford into the greater Hartford financial and business community establishing CFA Society Hartford as a leader promoting ethical behavior and best business practices in finance.
Outreach to local organizations including:

  • Guests at the Forecast Dinner
  • Co-Branding events
  • Reciprocal discounts for members to attend events

Investors First
Investors First reinforces the message that fiduciaries should maintain the highest ethical standards when managing capital for the benefit of clients. There are several ways this can be accomplished from political recognition to an educational event.

Membership Committee

The Membership committee fulfills three primary goals: Membership recruitment, renewals, and communication to our members.
The Membership Committee acts on the society’s behalf to educate the community about the CFA charter and the benefits of becoming a member as well as actively recruiting for membership. The chair provides Society updates to its membership, welcomes new members and they help link candidates with current members who can be sponsors for them. The membership chair serves as Professional Conduct Representative to the CFA Institute.

Key activities are listed below:

  • New Charterholder Recognition Ceremony
  • Networking and social events for members
  • Evaluates member satisfaction including Membership Survey
  • Oversees recognition among members for the local society and CFA Institute.
  • Develop Candidates and Future Professionals

Programs Committee

The Program Committee helps members to enhance their investment knowledge, professional practices, career development and professional networks.

The committee plans and executes programming that provide opportunities for networking, professional education, career development and/or technical training. Committee members recruit thought leaders and prominent practitioners as speakers, and create and deliver events of interest to members.

The Program Committee seeks sponsorships from employers who supply speakers for an event to help subsidize events and maintain reasonable attendance fees

Education Committee

Career Panels & Classroom Presentations

The Society also extends an offer to provide career panels for local universities.  The Society has sponsored UCONN Finance Conferences and delivered opening remarks and members of the society participated on multiple career panels.   The Society, under the direction of the VP Education, will also support local universities through classroom presentations. These can include career discussions as well as education on the CFA Exam process and benefits of the CFA Program. The role and benefits associated with the CFA Society Hartford can also be shared

Research Challenge 

The CFA Society Hartford hosts a local competition as part of the annual CFA Institute Global Research Challenge (The Research Challenge) in association with the CFA Society Providence and the CFA Society Stamford.

The Research Challenge is an investment competition among university students at the graduate and undergraduate level. One team of three to five students per university is challenged to conduct an equity analysis of a public company, specified by the CFA Society Hartford. Two teams per university may be allowed at the discretion of the CFA Society of Hartford. Each team is required to prepare a written analysis and finalists will conduct a 10 minute oral presentation for a panel of judges. The students' work is judged by industry professionals. Each team may be provided one faculty adviser that is selected by the team's university. The adviser will be the team's point of contact with the CFA Society Hartford. Winning local teams will have the opportunity to move on to the regional competition and potentially, the global competition.

Investment Committee

This committee meets at least quarterly to make recommendations to the Board and CFA Society Hartford committees on financial related matters. These include overseeing asset allocation of Society reserve funds, recognizing liquidity needs, investment guidelines, and the budget approved by the Board. The committee may propose changes to Investment Policy (such as addition or removal of permitted funds for investment or changes to investment guidelines or governance procedures) which would require discussion/approval of the Board.

  • Committee members prepare analysis of investment positions and investment returns in advance of meeting
  • Morningstar Analysis
  • Summary of all Assets by account (Checking, Paypal, Vanguard Funds) and returns
  • Detailed asset allocation report with look-through on each fund
  • Responsible for investment recommendations and transactions (Treasurer to execute all transactions)
  • Responsible for quarterly Report to Board on investment outlook, recommendations, rationale, and transactions.

Volunteers on this committee have relevant investment experience and be willing to contribute to inputs for analysis, make every effort to attend 4 meetings per year, be able to provide rationale for investment recommendations and assist Chair or Co-chair with review/edits of final quarterly report.

Brand Advocacy and Publicity

Advance the value of the CFA Charter by increasing awareness of the charter and CFA Society Hartford Events

  • The Hartford Courant
  • Bushnell Playbills
  • Hartford Symphony Playbill
  • Hartford Magazine
  • Connecticut Magazine
  • Social Media & Digital Advertising
  • Local Radio and TV Interviews