[2022.8] CFA SOCIETY JAPAN NEWSLETTER August 2022, No.58


業界のリーダーとして、今回は三井住友トラスト・アセットマネジメントのCEOである菱田賀夫氏をゲストに迎え、祝辞とインタビューの機会をいただきました。菱田氏は日本証券アナリスト協会 副会長、投資信託協会 理事、30%クラブジャパン・インベスターグループ 会長としてもご活躍されています。


CFA の学習で最も役に立ったトピックは何ですか?
倫理が最も学んだトピックの1つだそうです。また、IPS, investment policy statementのコンセプトのようなものは、少なくとも30年前までは日本人にとって比較的ユニークなものであったため感銘を受けたとのことでした。
Following the previous event, the event was held online, and was celebrated with a video message from Margaret Franklin, President and CEO of CFA Society, and Masato Degawa, President of CFA Society Japan. Many people attended the event and enjoyed meeting with an industry leader and networking with other CFA charterholders.
As an industry leader, this event's guest speaker was Mr. Yoshio Hishida, CEO of Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Asset Management, who gave a congratulatory speech and an interview. Mr. Hishida is also Vice Chairman & Member of the Board of Securities Analysts Association of Japan, Director of The Investment Trusts Association, Japan, and Chairman of Investor Group of 30% Club Japan.
In his congratulatory speech, Mr. Hishida emphasized the role of CFA designation as a global passport in the financial industry, and said, "CFA designation is much more significant than local corporate brands, position, or title, and it facilitates communication in various countries."

◆Interview with Mr. Hishida◆

what topic in the CFA study was most beneficial in your career
Ethics is one of the topics he learned a lot. Mr. Hishida said he was impressed because Ethics is like the concept of IPS, investment policy statement, which was relatively unique to the Japanese at least until 30 years ago.

what do you think in addition to having the CFA designations what skills do you think are important for being a top manager?
When he was junior staff, Mr. Hishida did not aspire to the management level, nor did he learn management during his career. However, he said that his strength lies in the many experiences he has accumulated, such as interviewing executives of global companies as a portfolio manager and being head of quantitative research and planning.

About Gender Diversity
He emphasized the need for companies to position their efforts as a solution for sustainable growth, sprinkled with his experience of having only two men in one of initiatives, which made him feel strongly about minorities.

In addition, he said that diversification of work styles and support for such diversity is also important in COVID-19 pandemic, and that there are many aspects of diversification, not just gender, that are necessary for sustainable growth.

Message for employees and junior financial professionals
First, to the employees, he said, "I strongly believe that it is desirable for many professionals to have this certification and I would support the challenge. And it is my honest belief and hope that the more charter holders we have, the easier it will be to create a culture that is unique to the asset management company."

To the young financial professionals who have passed Level 3, he said, "You can use your qualification in many ways. Don't miss that opportunity. A bastard of opportunities is opening up for you.” With these words, the interview with Mr. Hishida closed.

After that, attendees were then divided into breakout rooms to enjoy the networking portion of the event. In addition to congratulating all members for their achievement, we would also like to take the opportunity to thank Mr. Hishida, CFA Society Japan Board Members and volunteers who kindly joined and supported the event.

Membership Committee
Motoharu Tanaka