[2023.8] CFA SOCIETY JAPAN NEWSLETTER August 2023, No.61

CFA Exam Orientation & Open Space for Candidates
~6 changes to the CFA program~

The Membership Committee held CFA Exam Orientation on August 4th. Following the orientation, Open Space for Candidates was held to provide a place for candidates to interact with each other and form study groups. The orientation includes an overview of the CFA exam, experiences of successful candidates, and an introduction to the CFA exam preparation seminar. This year's orientation also included an explanation of some major changes to the CFA exam that will take effect next year. The orientation was held in person and via Zoom. 30 people attended the orientation in person and 25 people participated via Zoom. After the orientation, most of the candidates continued to participate in Open Space, forming study groups and networking with each other. In addition to two CFA charterholders who shared their experiences at the orientation, several CFA charterholders also joined the circle of candidates, and candidates listened to their advice. The Membership Committee will continue to support candidates and contribute to the growth of CFA charterholders.

6 changes to the CFA program are as follows          

Hands-On learning

Practical Skill Module(PSM) at all levels, to include practical, relevant skills training to provide candidates with on-the-job application of what they are learning in the curriculum.

Specialized Pathway for level3

For 2025 Level3 exam is divided into core curriculum and a choice of specialized pathway. Candidates will be able to choose one pathway from Portfolio Management, Private Wealth or Private Markets.

Focused Curriculum

Some introductory content that most candidates will have learned in their undergraduate programs is available for registered candidates but will not be tested for the level1 exam.

Expand Eligibility

University students with 23 months to graduation can now take the level1 exam.

Practice Pack

For February 2024 level1 exams, candidates will get an opportunity to purchase the CFA Program Practice Pack which will include 1000 new practice questions and an additional six new level I mock exams including one exam day experience for $299.

Digital Badges for level1 and 2

For candidates who pass the first two levels, digital badge that they can use on SNS and in their job searches will be offered.

More information: https://evolve.cfainstitute.org/

Bunka Kono, CFA
Membership Committee Chair