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CFA Society Calgary announces our 2024-2025 Board of Directors

By Courtney Tanaka posted 10 days ago


Since 1982, CFA Society Calgary has been led by a dedicated group of professionals volunteering to serve on the Board of Directors.

For our 2025 fiscal year, we have a strong team that are helping to shape the future of finance through their leadership, community minded focus, and with the strength of ethics and tested knowledge of the CFA Charter to guide their work.

We are pleased to announce the following 14 Board members for the upcoming fiscal year (Board terms to be served from July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2025):


President - Jeremy Gilman, CFA
Vice President – Jaclyn Perrot, CFA
Treasurer – Alex Qu, CFA
Secretary – Dean Perry, CFA
Past President – Jessica Hulsman, CFA


Kevin Brent, CFA
Warren Brown, CFA
Diana Chaw, CFA
Robbie Dumba, CFA
Julian Klymochko, CFA
Dania Moazzam, CFA
Cherry Wang, CFA
Jenny Xenos, CFA
Lu Zheng, CFA

Thank you to all our volunteers, members, and partners for their continued support of the Society and its programs and services.