Calgary Connects:
A CFA Society Calgary Podcast

Calgary Connects is a podcast by CFA Society Calgary, hosted by Matthew Andrade, CFA, where we bring global thought leaders together to share their views on the world of finance. Our goal is to bring the best financial thought leaders to Calgary so we can all become more bullish on our future. 

The Calgary Connects podcast offers a diverse range of topics and discussions designed to provide valuable insights and knowledge to the finance and investment community. From exploring the latest trends in the financial industry to in-depth interviews with industry experts, this podcast covers a wide array of subjects. Whether you're interested in portfolio management strategies, ethical considerations in finance, or staying updated on global market trends, this channel offers a wealth of information to help you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of finance. Tune in to gain valuable insights and stay informed on key topics relevant to the finance and investment industry.

Latest Episode: Investing in India with Sunil Singhania

This episode features a discussion on investing in India with Sunil Singhania, CFA, Founder of Abakkus Asset Manager LLP. Abakkus is an independent, Mumbai-based equities specialist founded in 2018. Today, Abakkus manages equity AUM of $1.6 billion USD broadly under two diversified strategies by following a fundamental, research-driven, bottom-up investment process. Sunil was previously CIO Equities of Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management overseeing $11 billion USD in equity assets and consistently rated among the top fund managers in India. 

Sunil joins Matthew to highlight the investment opportunities in the fast-growing market of India. Sunil shares about how democracy, demographics, the digital dividend, and the domestic market make India a unique market on the global stage.

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