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Investing in the Age of Social Media - Finfluencer Report

By Danielle Couturier posted 16 days ago


CFA Institute is pleased to offer an in-depth report on a topic little known among many regulators and investment professionals.

Financial influencers are capturing young investors. Yet most policymakers and industry professionals are just now learning their practices and Gen Z’s attitudes toward them.

CFAI's latest report, “The Finfluencer Appeal: Investing in the Age of Social Media” examines how this new generation of investors uses content from financial influencers on social media platforms, such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, to gather information and make investment decisions. It examines the finfluencer model and how young investors use such content to make investment decisions. It illuminates both the challenges finfluencers pose to the traditional advice industry and the opportunities they unlock for attracting and retaining assets from this emerging investor base.

Discover unique insights  on this disruptive force in finance. Get the report.