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Introducing: Private Markets and Alternative Investments Certificate

By Erin Prosser posted 02 Oct, 2023 05:30 PM


Private Markets and Alternative Investments is one of the fastest growing and most innovative areas of finance. To help meet the increased demand for high-quality skills, CFA Institute has launched a Private Markets and Alternative Investments Certificate. Working with top investment professionals from around the world, we’ve created an online Certificate which contains the in-depth knowledge and practical, real-world experience employers are looking for. The topics covered are private equity & private credit, real estate & infrastructure, commodities & natural resources and hedge funds.​

Who will benefit?

  • New entrants to the private markets industry: individuals who aspire to work for a general partner firm (GP) or other alternatives specialist.
  • Existing industry professionals: investors or asset owners who are looking to allocate to private markets or alternative investments.
  • Consultants: those working with General Partner or Limited Partner firms and wish to understand the industry landscape and terminology.

Fast Facts

The Certificate Covers These Key Areas

  • Private equity & private credit
  • Real estate and infrastructure
  • Commodities & natural resources and 
  • Hedge funds

Time Commitment

It takes between 70-90 hours to complete.