Practical Applications of AI and Machine Learning in Investment Management

When:  Oct 24, 2023 from 03:00 PM to 05:30 PM (CT)
Associated with  CFA Society Milwaukee

More than a third of CFA Charterholders surveyed believe their role will be substantially different in five to ten years, disrupted by new analytical methods, including AI and machine learning. Are you taking action? You are invited to attend this event hosted by CFA Society Minnesota and CFA Society Cleveland. 

 What will you learn: 

In this session, expert practitioners will cover the application of AI/ML in everyday investment management workflows including:  

  • Review of investment management workflows
  • Where to get your data sources and prepare data for analysis by AI/ML methods
  • Demonstrate local and cloud-based infrastructure for development and deployment
  • Perform actual data analysis for selected use cases

 Who should attend: 

The agenda is designed for practitioners from research to portfolio managers to executives to gain practical experience in deploying AI and machine learning including: 

  • Fundamental analysts that want to learn about quantitative techniques
  • Quants that want to upgrade to AI/ML methods
  • Data scientists that want to learn about applications of AI/ML in asset management
  • Portfolio managers that want to learn about applications of AI/ML in their everyday workflows
  • Asset management executives that want to learn about operational efficiencies brought about by the AI/ML methods
  • Technology service providers that want to engage with the financial services industry 

 Session 1

3:15 PM - Application of Data Science in Investment Management Workflow to Improve Operational Efficiency

  • Speakers: Mehrzad Mahdavi, PhD & Cordell Tanny, CFA, FRM, FDP

Session 2

4:15 PM - Use Cases of Large Language Models (LLMs) in Investment Management

Demo of Use Case

  • Speakers: Mehrzad Mahdavi, PhD & Lucas Bunting, CFA

Session 3

5:00 PM - Panel: Practical Approach for Digital Transformation with AI Tools

  • Speakers: Mehrzad Mahdavi, PhD, Cordell Tanny, CFA, FRM, FDP, & Lucas Bunting, CFA