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Our Committees

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Committee

Chaired by Tong Teh, CFA - Director, DEI

The DEI Committee:

  • Plans and executes events focused on the advancement of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).  Works with the Member Value Committee and Programming Committee to help plan events with DEI as a focus.

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​Eastern Iowa Committee

Chaired by Bryce Engelbart​, CFA - Director, Eastern Iowa​

The Eastern Iowa Committee:

  • Manages all aspects of CFA Society Iowa in Eastern Iowa, including programming, member value, university relations, membership and branding. Works with members of Central Iowa committees on joint events and initiatives.

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Membership Committee

Chaired by Thomas McCaffrey, CFA - Secretary

The Membership Committee:

  • Manages the onboarding process to welcome and engage new members in order to drive higher member value and higher retention. 
  • Coordinates member growth and retention efforts.
  • Works with the society's administrator to develop a program to retain existing and increase new membership to the society. Key areas of focus include emphasizing the value of membership, exploring new programming that would be beneficial to members and driving unaffiliated members to join CFA Society Iowa.

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Member Value Committee

Chaired by Nick Nolan, CFA, Director, Member Value

The Member Value Committee:

  • Plans and executes social, networking and other value-added events for members. This includes networking events, annual Charterholder Recognition Events, Research Challenge receptions, annual golf outings and more.

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Outreach Committee

Chaired by Cass Page​, CFA - Director, Outreach

The Outreach Committee:

  • Manages university relations. This includes maintaining existing relationships and building new relationships with key professors; sourcing volunteers to visit campuses; and maintaining and improving presentation materials for visits with the goal of increasing student participation in the CFA Program and CFA Society Iowa.
  • Coordinates Annual CFA Iowa Local Research Challenges. This includes working with students and faculty to answer their questions and encourage participation; sourcing a subject company, mentors, judges and graders; and working with the administrator and Member Value Committee on presentation and reception logistics.
  • Manages candidate programs. This includes managing prep provider relationships, scholarships, discounts and mock exams.

One-off opportunities for involvement include making university visits (volunteers are needed for visiting university/college campuses to speak with student groups about the CFA program and provide them with general career guidance) and serving as a grader, judge or mentor (volunteers are needed as graders and judges during the CFA Iowa Local Research Challenge, and as mentors for the student teams).

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Programming Committee

Chaired by Mandy Wilson, CFA - Director, Programming

The Programming Committee:

  • Assembles speaker lineups for monthly luncheons and annual dinners.
  • Secures high-quality speakers to present on relevant topics of value to society members at luncheons and Annual Dinners.

Volunteers Needed!

As a volunteer-run organization, CFA Society Iowa offers a variety of rewarding opportunities for members to contribute their time and talents to support the society's mission. ​Descriptions of our committees are provided on this page. To volunteer on​ one of our committees, or to learn more, please contact the committee chairperson.