Join CFA Society Iowa

Applying for Membership

Applying for a Regular or Affiliate Membership

For those who wish to join CFA Society Iowa and CFA Institute, the membership application process is managed by CFA Institute. Dues are $75 per year for the local society, and the CFA Institute has different levels of dues for their Regular, Affiliate and Retired membership levels. Click here to apply for Regular or Affiliate membership. 


Applying for Local Professional, Candidate or Student Membership

For CFA candidates, college students and other professionals who do not intend to also join the CFA Institute, the membership application process is managed by CFA Society Iowa.

Step 1: Ask your sponsor(s) to complete a Sponsor ​Form​​ and return it to you. Local Professional and Candidate memberships require two sponsors. (One needs to be a Regular member of CFA Institute, and the other needs to be your supervisor.)  Student memberships require one sponsor ​(either a Regular member of CFA Institute or a​ professor). If you are in need of a sponsor for either type of membership, contact our membership committee chairperson for assistance.

Step 2: Complete and sign the Application and Professional Conduct Statement. Once completed, send this form, along with your completed Sponsor Form(s), to our administrator for approval.

Step 3: Upon approval, you will receive an email with a link to make your dues payment. Dues are $75 per year for a Local Professional or Candidate membership and ​$50 per year for a ​Student membership.​ Once your payment is received, your membership will be activated!


Adding CFA Society Iowa to a CFA Institute Membership

If you are a charterholder who has just moved to our area, or a charterholder who previously did not hold local society membership and now wants to do so, you can add CFA Society Iowa to your membership through CFA Institute by logging into your CFA Institute account, going to "Manage Your Membership" and then choosing to either add or replace a society.

Membership Types 

There are six types of membership in CFA Society Iowa: 

  • Regular Member - Includes membership in our society and CFA Institute.
  • Affiliate Member - Includes membership in our society and CFA Institute, but does not require the 48 months of approved work experience needed for Regular membership.
  • Retired Member - Includes membership in our society and CFA Institute. This is for 5+ year members of CFA Institute who no longer work in the industry or a related field. To change your status to "Retired," contact CFA Institute
  • Local Professional Member Includes membership in our society but not CFA Institute. This is for those who work or seek employment in a professional field that supports investment professionals. Pursuit of the CFA designation is not required.
  • Candidate Member Includes membership in our society but not CFA Institute. This is for non-full-time students who are taking a CFA exam or who have an active candidate number.
  • Student Member - Includes membership in our society but not CFA Institute. This is for full-time students who intend to enroll in the CFA program.

Regular, Affiliate and Retired memberships are administered through CFA Institute and require CFA Institute membership.

Local Professional, Candidate and Student memberships are administered by our local society.  These members may upgrade their memberships at any time provided the requirements of regular or affiliate membership are met.