New Charterholders

Demand the Best: Demand a CFA® Charterholder

Congratulations to our local investment and finance professionals who recently became CFA charterholders, joining the tens of thousands of charterholders around the world building a better world for investing.

These individuals achieved the highest distinction in the investment management profession by completing the CFA® Program. They've proven themselves by dedicating on average 1,000 hours of intense study to pass one of the most rigorous series of exams in the financial industry. Learn more about why you want to hire a CFA charterholder.

Dimitrios Antoniou, CFA

Evangelos Antoniou, CFA

Spyridon Athanasiou, CFA

Anastasios Andreas 

Dimitropoulos, CFA

Chrysoula Gianniri, CFA

Theodoros Karavasilis, CFA

Konstantinos Kondylis, CFA

Emmanouil Kontomourtos, CFA

Georgios Nikolaou, CFA


Papadimitropoulos, CFA


Papathanasiou, CFA

Michail Perdikis, CFA

Dimitrios Plaskovitis, CFA

Konstantinos Stamelos, CFA

Christos Stylios, CFA

Dimitra Rozi, CFA

Georgii Tanasov, CFA

Alexandros Tolias, CFA

Panagiota Tsimogianni, CFA