Corporate Training Program

What is the Corporate Training Program?

The Corporate Training Program by CFA Society Pakistan is first of its kind among all 144 societies of the CFA Institute. This program enables employers to recruit, select and train from CFA Candidates all over Pakistan. The training program typically lasts for 12 months to 24 months depending on the requirements of the company.

CFA Society Pakistan partners with employers in spreading the message of the program to all candidates through direct email and social media including Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Which companies are involved? 

Unilever Pakistan was the first company to sign up and remained a huge success inviting more than 400 applications from CFA candidates. Following companies have also partnered with us through the same program to attract the best talent with potential to become future leaders:

  • Al Meezan Investments Management Limited
  • Alfalah GHP Investment Management Limited
  • Engro Fertilizers
  • Engro Foods (Friesland Campina)
  • MCB Arif Habib Savings and Investments Limited
  • NBP Fund Management Limited
  • UBL Fund Managers Limited
  • Unilever Pakistan Limited

What's in it for employers?

The CFA Program provides the strongest foundation in finance, economics and advanced investment analysis along with an exceptional focus on Ethics and Professional Standards. CFA Candidates include students at any of the three levels of exams while they become CFA Charterholders after clearing all 3 exams and have to acquire four year experience in relevant functions.

CFA Candidates have the potential to add value to an organization as clearing even CFA Level I requires sound understanding of Finance concepts along with an exceptional focus on Ethics and Professional Standards as core study modules. We recommend viewing the CFA Program Curriculum and CFA Exam pass rates which gives a good idea of how rigorous the exams are. 

Through this program, companies can prepare skilled trainees to take up permanent roles in Finance, Investments, Research, Business Development and several other departments in future.

Basic Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria may vary from company to company, however, a Bachelor's degree from a recognized institute and having passed Level I of the CFA Exam is the basic requirement. 

How to apply (for Candidates)?

Each company that CFA Society Pakistan collaborates with has their own recruitment process for the program. All new vacancies are posted on the Jobline page and social media pages of CFA Society Pakistan.

For more details please contact us at [email protected].