Member Benefits

Benefits of Becoming CFA Charterholder

Outstanding educational programs

CFA Institute is a worldwide recognized provider of educational programs intended to build up the knowledge inside the financial industry and the grounds for ethical behavior in the profession.

Whether you’re looking for valuable credentials to start or consolidate your carrier or you are looking for professionals to strengthen your company, the CFA Institute educational programs are an international alternative for you and your work environment.

Top occupations for CFA Program Candidates show increasing interest for this designation from the early stages of carrier building, with more than 20% of the current candidates being still enrolled in a form of Universities program. Research analysts, accountants, consultants, corporate financial analysts and relationship managers are also very well represented among the candidates.

Job opportunities

Expertise sells, ethical work sells and interest for your education and skills improvement sells. As a participant to the employment market you are constantly under the scrutiny and CFA Institute, through its educational programs and its international recognition, is an amazing ally.

Employers acknowledge that becoming CFA charterholder shows commitment and convey professionalism as the charter incorporates your effort in consolidating your education and also endorses your expertise as relevant for the industry.

CFA charterholders, members of the local society, and CFA program candidates benefit from jobs opportunities promoted through CFA Society Portugal, an organization recognized by the local headhunters and employers for its quality members, candidates and affiliates.

Local Society Benefits

  • Network with peers in the industry
  • Be part of an effectual and common voice to develop and protect the interests of the profession
  • Stay abreast of trends that affect the industry in your market
  • Take advantage of local professional development opportunities
  • Socialize with industry insiders
  • Take advantage of discounts to dynamic and educational local programs
  • Access additional resources, such as job announcements and newsletters