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Investment award recipients in U.S. health care

The Investor Intelligence Network has for the first time named investment award recipients in U.S. health care. Ten awards in a variety of categories were given to chief investment officers or those in related titles. We are pleased to report that two of our Society's own won awards. They are David Erickson, CFA, CIO of Ascension Investment Management, who won an award for Socially Responsible Investing and Anthony Waskiewicz, CFA, CIO of Mercy (St. Louis), who won an award for CIO of the Year. We congratulate these members and wish them continuing success in the future.


Members writing

Private Investments: Potential Rewards for Individuals and Institutions

Steven D. Jones, CFA, wrote a white paper on Private Investments, which explores why private investments are so popular, defines the various asset categories, and considers the risks to weigh against the potential benefits.