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Dissecting Managed Funds: A Closer Look at the Best Managed Funds of the Year


In a recent interview, last April 30, 2024, on ANC Business Outlook, Mark Jasson Ilao, CFA, Committee Chair of Best Managed Funds of the Year, provided a comprehensive overview of the initiative's advocacy and methodology. The interview, hosted by Salve Duplito and Ron Cruz, delved into the inception of the program nine years ago and its evolution into a prestigious recognition of excellence in fund management.

The Best Managed Funds of the Year program, spearheaded by CFA Society Philippines, aims to identify and celebrate funds that have demonstrated exceptional performance metrics relative to their peers. Ilao emphasized the importance of recognizing professionally-managed funds that deliver high risk-adjusted returns, highlighting the value these funds bring to investors.

During the interview, Ilao explained the meticulous methodology used in selecting the winners. With 136 qualified funds from 17 institutions, the competition was fierce. Funds were evaluated based on their Sortino ratio for actively-managed funds and Tracking Error relative to the PSEi for index funds over five-year and three-year periods. This rigorous evaluation process ensured that only the most outstanding funds were recognized across seven categories.

Ilao also shared the winners of the Best Managed Funds of the Year 2024. The winners spanned various categories, including Intermediate Term Bond Funds, Medium Term Bond Funds, Long Term Bond Funds, Balanced Funds, Equity Funds, Equity Index Funds, and Global Equity Feeder Funds.

Overall, the interview provided valuable insights into the Best Managed Funds of the Year program and highlighted the industry's dedication to excellence and professionalism. As CFA Society Philippines continues to advocate for excellence in the financial industry, initiatives like the Best Managed Funds of the Year play a crucial role in recognizing and promoting best practices in fund management.

Watch the video here.