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Give back to the profession, network with other members, refine your skills, and, in many cases, earn Professional Learning credits. 

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CFA Society Philippines is at the forefront of promoting investment education in the country with emphasis on fostering an investment environment that adheres to the highest ethical standards.  The local society is a volunteer-led organization, and relies on its members to contribute their time to support its operations and strategic direction. A strong volunteer effort is a key factor in the society's progress. Below are some of the benefits of volunteering for the Society:

  1. Network with other peers both domestically and internationally;
  2. Have at least three travel opportunities every year;
  3. Network with regulators and big names in the finance industry;
  4. Appear on TV and be quoted on newspapers;
  5. Create publicity for your company

​If you have questions regarding volunteering opportunities, you may send us an email at [email protected].

    Also, CFA Society Philippines is now accepting CVs for sharing to potential future employers. If you would like to be part of our database, please email your CV to the same email address.

    Click Here to start volunteering for the CFA Society Philippines.​

    Volunteer Committees

    Academic Relations
    The Academic Relations Committee is responsible for any society initiative related to potential candidates for the CFA Program, including but not limited to: university outreach program, university presentations, curriculum development, networking events for candidates, and complimentary curriculum orders.

    Candidate Relations

    The Candidate Relations Committee is responsible for any society initiative related to candidates who are scheduled to take their exams including but not limited to: review courses, mock exams, how to prepare for the CFA Exam, and networking for candidates. 

    Continuing Education
    The Continuing Education (CE) Committee is responsible for the planning and implementation of the Society’s Continuing Education Program. CE Program includes but not limited to – seminars, webcasts, and workshops.

    Industry Relations
    The Industry Relations Committee coordinates advocacy outreach efforts and is the primary communications point for CFA Institute advocacy initiatives. A primary goal is to help inform society members on the standards, policy research, and issue positions of CFA Institute. External outreach can include work with local government (regulators, legislators, advisory boards) and other industry groups using the resources available from CFA Institute. Preferably senior charterholders.

    Member Relations
    The objective of the Member Relations Committee is to manage existing memberships, recruit and assist potential members through the application process, respond to membership inquiries, plan charteraward ceremony and other networking events. The Chair/Committee is also involved with promoting membership participation in Society programs and events. 

    Research Challenge
    The Research Challenge Committee is responsible for the over-all management of the CFA Institute Research Challenge.  The goal is to see improvement in the research report writing and presentation skills of the participating teams every year. 

    The Scholarship Committee ensures that the scholarships are awarded to deserving candidates.