Candidate Associate Membership

The Associate Candidate Membership is available to BC candidates currently enrolled in the CFA Program. It is the goal of CFA Society Vancouver and its directors to ensure candidates have all the support they require to be successful in passing the CFA Program exams, and we feel the following membership benefits accomplish this.

The Associate Membership for candidates is optional, but strongly encouraged.  The membership fee is $70 Canadian per year and is paid directly to CFA Society Vancouver.  Memberships run from July 1 to June 30 and will not be prorated or cancelled throughout the year.

NOTE: Candidates applying for this membership are required to submit a membership application and agreement prior to being accepted as a Candidate Associate Member.  Membership dues are payable upon acceptance as a member.

APPLY: To apply for membership, please submit signed copies of the documents below to Virginia Coles at [email protected].

Application Form

Membership Agreement

QUESTIONS: If you have any questions about the candidate associate membership, please contact Virginia Coles at [email protected].


LI candidates will focus is on exam preparation and developing relationships with other candidates. The friendships created through the exam process will extend into candidates' professional lives and will continue to provide opportunities to support one another. 

LII candidates will also receive exam support and networking opportunities, but there will be a slight shift to career preparation. Learning about the different LIII career pathways and how to determine which route to take to fulfill their career objectives will be one focus.

LIII candidates will have the opportunity to attend workshops on essay writing and participate in career-related activities, including roundtables, workshops, and the society's Mentorship Program.



Member               Non-Member

CFA Charterholder Events

Candidate Members can attend society events at member pricing and receive invitations to member-only events.

Members Only

Practice Skills Modules

March, September (LI/LII)
Practice Skills Modules review and how to determine which one would be best for your career objectives. Candidates must complete at least one module at each level prior to receiving their exam results.

Free                      Free

Meet Your Peers

June (LI/LII)
A great opportunity to meet follow candidates and to begin what could be lifelong friendships.

$25                        $35


April, October (LI/LII)
Virtual workshops led by an experienced instructor on a variety of topics, including Fixed Income, Equity Valuation or Financial Reporting and Analysis.

$10 refundable    $10

Career Roundtable

April (LII/LIII)
Opportunity for candidates to network CFA charterholders and HR professionals.

$15                         $25

Essay Writing Workshop

June (LIII)
Virtual workshop with a leading instructor to discuss techniques to mastering the exam essay questions.

Free                         Free

Mentorship Program

September (LIII)
Interactive program designed to pair LIII candidates with CFA charterholders.

Members Only

Mock Exam

April, July, October, January (LI/LII/LIII)
The Kaplan Schweser Mock Exam provides candidates the opportunity to test their knowledge.

50% Discount      50% Discount

Day in the Life

Quarterly (LI/LII/LIII)
Virtual and in-person events where candidates learn what a CFA charterholder does in their day-to-day work, to learn more about their career path and how the CFA charter helped them. 

Free                        Free

Year End Celebration

November (LI/LII/LIII)
Social activity for all candidates to celebrate the end of the year.

$25                         $35

Soft Skill Workshops

October, March (LI/LII/LIII)
Interview Skills and Resume Writing workshops led by local recruitment firm.

$10                         $15