CFA Program Exam Information

CFA Program Information Session

Invest in yourself with CFA Program!

​​In this highly competitive job market, CFA® Program has proven to be a great investment of your time. Are you ready for a career in finance and investment? With the CFA® Program you will learn to apply the knowledge and skills employers most value. Join CFA Institute to hear how the CFA® Program can accelerate your global career in finance.

This 60-minute webinar will include: 

•              CFA Program: its value, and contents 

•              Exciting updates on the CFA Program for students

•              Career guidance and other free resources

Please choose from dates and times below and register:

24 Oct 11am –

24 Oct 4pm –

26 Oct – 11am -

30 Oct 4pm -

31 Oct 11am -

31 Oct 4 pm -

CFA Program Exam Windows

CFA Institute offers exams for CFA Program in different exam windows

Level I

 May Exam Window

 Exam dates 16 - 22 May

 August Exam Window

 Exam date 22 - 28 August

 November Exam Window

 Exam date 11 - 17 November

Level II

May Exam Window

Exam dates 23 - 27 May

August Exam Window

Exam dates 29 August - 2 September

November Exam Window

Exam dates 18 - 22 November

Level III

August Exam Window

Exam dates 29 August - 5 September