Exam Preparation Resources

CFA Program Revision Sessions

In support of all CFA Level I, II and III candidates taking the CFA Program exam - CFA Society South Africa have produced complimentary topic-specific recorded revision sessions as well as live online sessions to assist candidates in their exam preparation.

Live Revision sessions coming up in July

Level I

Recorded Online Sessions

Corporate Issuers

Practical fundamentals of Finance

Quants - Linear Regressions

Predict outcomes and measure results

Financial Statements

Hypothesis testing, Currency exchange rates, Pricing and valuation, complex capital structures

Fixed Income

Repurchase agreements, Bond valuations

Quantitative Methods

Hypothesis testing


Pricing and Valuations


Currency Exchange

Equity Investments

Equity Valuations

Alternative Investments

Hedge funds & Pvt equity

Portfolio Management

Risk and Return


Questions and Strategy

Financial Statement Analysis

Income Taxes

Fixed Income

Understanding Fixed-Income Risk and Return


Time value of money and probabilities


Intro to Geopolitics, international trade and capital flows

Quants - Cost of Capital

Foundational Topics and Capital Structure

Portfolio Risk and Return

(Part II)

Introduction to

Big Data Techniques

Hedge Funds and

Introduction to Digital Assets

Level II

Portfolio Management

ETF, VaR and law of active management

Fixed Income

Bootstrapping, bond valuation

Financial Reporting and Analysis

Goodwill and Employee Compensation

Corporate Finance

Mergers and Acquisitions

Quantitative Methods

Time Series

Equity Valuations

DDM and Residual income

Financial Statement Analysis

Financial Statement Modeling

Quantitative Analysis

Multiple Regression 


Valuation of contingent claims

Alternative Investments

Introduction to commodities and commodity derivatives

Multinational Operations

Employee Compensation:

Post-Employment and Share-Based

Private Company

Level III

Essay Writing Webinar

Essay writing skills

Fixed Income

Liability-driven and Index based strategies
Yield curve strategies

Essay Writing Workshop

Exam test-taking skills and pointers

Derivatives and Currency Management

Illustrate ways in which derivatives might be used

Alternative Investments

Fixed Income

Index-Based Strategies

Equity Portfolio Management

Active equity investing

Fixed Income Portfolio Management

Credit strategies

Prep Providers

Support Material and Services from Prep Providers inclucing Revisions session on all topics for all levels

CFA Curriculum Hardcopy

You can now purchase the CFA curriculum hardcopy books from Takealot - Click here

We are not responsible for any logistics of orders through Takealot, as we only market the option to buy it from a South African retailer. The books still come from CFA Institute based in the USA .


  • Kaplan Schweser study Packages
  • Approved calculators: BA II Plus, BA II Professional

Contact details:

Website: www.amwconsulting.co.za

Email: [email protected]

Telephone nr: 083 327 7538


  • Training for all CFA program Levels at discounted rates
  • Include: Online classes, notes and videos, revision sessions and exam workshops

Contact details:

Website: www.edgedesignations.com

Email: [email protected]

Telephone nr: 083 333 7703


  • Program lecturers and training (online)
  • Offer 16-week courses and 3-day workshops

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Website: www.financialts.co.za

Email: [email protected]

Telephone nr: 011 646 6159 / 083 601 4749


  • Online Exam Prep
  • Weekly livestreamed lectures

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Website: www.fitchexamprep.com


  • Wide range of learning tools
  • Online classes and question banks

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Website: www.quartic.co


  • Preparation courses at discounted rates
  • Online and mobile learning with instructors

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Website: www.wiley.com

Telephone nr: +97 5055 91872