Regular Membership

Regular Membership for CFA charterholders

Regular membership is a prerequisite to earning the CFA charter and CIPM designation. 

  • CFA charterholders

  • Candidates who have passed all three levels of the exams but have not yet attained the requisite work experience. Benefits of membership include educational resources, opportunities to network and various career events including continuing education.

When you apply for CFA Institute membership, you concurrently apply to CFA Society South Africa.

While CFA Society South Africa membership is voluntary, it gives you access to a community of investment professionals in your area, as well as local continuing professional development activities and networking events.

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Please Note - you will require 2 sponsors for Affiliate / Regular membership.


The following memberships are available:

Affiliate Membership

Cost: USD275 for CFA Institute and USD65 for CFA Society South Africa Membership

Membership Period: 1 July – 30 June

Annual dues will be pro-rated for those joining CFA Institute and a member society for the first time.

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CFA Society South Africa​ Local membership

Cost: R1000 for CFA Society South Africa local Membership

Membersh​ip Period: 30 September - 31 August

Annual dues are not pro-rated

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For further information, please do contact us CFA Society South Africa - 011 011 9066