ESG Committee

Mission: To promote sustainable investing in the Spanish financial industry. The committee has set up two working groups with the aim of developing ESG financial analysis and education projects. The initiative also aims to enable investment managers to report more effectively on ESG aspects, and for the client to better understand the nature and characteristics of funds and investment strategies focused on sustainable investing.

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Members of the Committee:

- Alberto Estévez Ollero, CFA
- Ana Claver Gaviña, CFA (Chair)
- Augusto Caro, CFA, CAd
- Cristina Rodríguez Iza, CFA
- Iñigo Serrats, CFA
- Juan Elorduy, CFA
- Pablo Bascones

Working Group: Formación y Educación

- Angel Borrego, CAd
- Antonio Botija, CFA
- Bas Fransen, CFA
- Javier Apiñaniz, candidato nivel III
Jorge Granado, CFA, CAd

- Miriam Fernández, CFA
- Pedro Santamaría, candidato nivel II
- Rodrigo Hernández, CFA
- Susana Martínez Meyers, CFA

Working group: Investigación y análisis

- Aingeru Sorarrain Altuna, CFA
- Alberto Hernández Flores, CAd, candidato nivel III
- Álvaro Molina de Porres, candidato nivel III
- David García Rubio
- Héctor Robelló, FRM, CEFA, EFA

- Iker Etxezarreta, CFA
- Javier Naranjo Ibáñez, candidato nivel II
- Noemí García Vaquero, CFA
- Pablo Galán Sandoval, candidato nivel II
- Sergio Soro, CFA